by Postscripting

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Recorded either in my bedroom or living room December 2015-April 2016). A lot of these were recorded right from my computer microphone before I got my recording setup, so they've got a real shitty lo-if sound, but is hey, you might like that???


released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Postscripting Denver, Colorado

Postscripting is a self-produced music project of a lady who wanted to be born a literal flower instead of a human. Inspired by Devendra Banhart, Cocorosie, Mitski,The Microphones, Satanstompingcaterpillars, Animal Collective, Warpaint, Au Revior Simone and Thrice. ... more

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Track Name: Silhouettes
Who have I been?
Who am I now?
All this time I was yours
But now I'm only mine

I am stronger than I was yesterday
I am free, I am free

Two loving arms wrap around me
They sprout from my shoulders

I can be everything I need me to be
Track Name: feelings are the only thing i can catch
In school
I always tied my hair back
I only wore sweats
I didn't like gym class
Feelings were the only
Thing I could catch

Still to this day
If you need me
I'll be in the bathroom
Havin' a good cry
Don't trust me
With your car keys
When you toss 'em
Across the room

I'll make you
Breakfast in bed
Just please
Don't aim anything
At my head

You make my
Heart race
Even if I come in
Huffing and puffing
In last place
Track Name: Transphobic Assholes Are Not My Friends
Transphobic assholes are not my friends
You care more about what's between someone's legs
Than what's between their ears
And yours for that matter too

I'm unapologetically friend breaking up with you

And you can say you're not a jerk
As you lie through your teeth
And if you're cool with lesbians,
Then you gotta be cool with my friends

And your mind is as closed as that mall
That got shut down in 2005
Please don't preach about acceptance
When you still call people gay
Open your heart back up
Because it wasn't always this closed

And you can say you're not a jerk
As you lie through your teeth
And if you're cool with lesbians,
Then you gotta be cool with my friends

Transphobic assholes are not my friends
I'm over it
And I'm over you too
Track Name: Through the Canopy of Trees and Clouds
Ghost in my pictures
I've rid myself of you
I've found a home within the walls of my skin
I'm finally growing through the canopy of trees and clouds

Thank you mama universe for allowing me to see
That I am strong and I am worthy
Of love given to me

I'm finally coming home today
I'm finally coming home today
Track Name: Saturate the Grey Away
Track Name: Vernal
As I breathe in deep
The air cleansed by trees
Extremities outstretched to
The morning sun's breaths

The perennial return of life
I can taste its glistening nectar
In every digit of my fingers
My toes, chest and my nose

Snow melt
Please flush away the grime
Of a winter wonderland
Sepia toned with the passage of time

Glorious, victorious
I want more of this light
In my pores

Finding myself in windows
Spending my days watching clouds
And in these windows, I have found
Nothing but a beautiful future
Track Name: Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher ain't bringing you back home
Looks like you'll find your way alone

But it'll be fine,
Oh it'll be fine
It'll be fine in the end

Saint Christopher doesn't know where he is
An equation that won't come undone

A tangled knot.
Left to rot
Left smoldering in my chest
Mama said it'd give me grit

A baptism of debris and dirt
My spaceship head returns to earth

But it'll be fine

Be your own cartographer,
The gears in your head might begin to stir