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Sometimes it's really easy to want to escape from everything when being a person feels too difficult, and we find places of solace in our heads and hearts.
Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer had a place he would escape to a place in his imagination as an adolescent when his home life started deteriorating; he called it Infinityland.
I started this album in May of 2017 as an exploration of spooky sounds and a fascination of true crime, but as the album progressed, facets of my personal life began to shatter. Ironically Infinityland really did become my place of escape.
Explored through soundscapes and raw emotion, I found myself vulnerable. I set out to discover what it means to me to escape, and later to return.

Notes about "The Jogger" and "The Hitchhiker": Young Jeffrey Dahmer saw a man jogging every day through a park, and fantasized for months about making him his first victim. The day Jeff decided to go through with his intentions, the jogger didn't run by, and he never saw him again. The hitchhiker was Jeff's first victim.

(I shouldn't have to say this but I'm going to anyway: I do not condone the actions of murderers, and could never even hurt a bug y'all.)


released August 1, 2017

Shout out to J Dahms



all rights reserved


Postscripting Denver, Colorado

Postscripting is a self-produced music project of a lady who wanted to be born a literal flower instead of a human. Inspired by Devendra Banhart, Cocorosie, Mitski,The Microphones, Satanstompingcaterpillars, Animal Collective, Warpaint, Au Revior Simone and Thrice. ... more

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Track Name: Japanese Beetle
The soles of my feet brought me here
Into the trees, into the bramble
I think out here I'll find my home
Under the leaves

Out here where the soil is cool,
By the breeze, I will feel cradled
Reborn all alone
I'll make friends with the insects

Oh, to leave myself behind
Shed all my earthly convictions
Like the vines,
So tall I will grow

I'll see you in time,
My sweet verdant heart
Regaled in the lushest of leaves
When these old bones restart
Track Name: The Jogger
Kept my eyes down low,
Let my feet move almost as quick as my thoughts
Don't wanna talk today

Got a boy on my mind,
I don't think he knows I exist,
I'm okay with keeping it that way

Looking out from the inside
Making room where there wasn't any
I just wanna be free
Making room where there wasn't any
Looking out from the inside
Oh I just wanna be free
Making room where there wasn't any
Looking out from the inside
Oh I just wanna be free

(Jeffrey Dahmer)
"That's how I saw it, I, uh, sort of, uh, lived in my own fantasy world when things got too heated...and I carried that over for years, I guess"

Oh every day I see him run by,
Can't help but to think he should be mine
Oh who am I to think this?

(Jeffery Dahmer)
"It was just, uh, just my own little world where I had control..."
Track Name: I Will Dream of All the Little Things
Lazy days and murmuring trees
Branches bow with the gentle breeze
Curled toes and anxieties
Blurred lines and the humming city

His quiet breaths being carried by the wind
Until I am whole, I will pretend
I will dream of all the little things
And this big world of which I'm still learning
Track Name: Carbon Monoxide
I can't believe I almost escaped
Oh, the place that I believed was a prison,
Was always a verdant heaven

Oh I trapped myself in the dark,
Never again,
Never again

Surrounded by the light,
I can't shake the feeling
That I feel like a singularity
Track Name: Sidewalks
If clouds had arms,
Do you think they'd hold you?
At least if they wanted to

It's a certain kind of trust
Built on diamonds, built on dust

Well the answer might be no
But I never hit the ground
I got wings from weariness

Love can be letting go
Trimming dead leaves off of houseplants
Or just opening the blinds and seeing something new

I saw the trees and felt the breeze
And the sidewalk walking with me
And I kissed it gently with my shoes
Track Name: I'm More Afraid of the Dark Than I Have Ever Been
Oh my love,
The feeling of your fingers is still imprinted onto mine

And I still feel your smile when I close my eyes
But I'm trying not to

And my body aches everywhere
My chest feels like it's burning

And maybe it's 'cause I been smokin' too many cigarettes
Committing arson to my temple

And I wonder if you're having fun
(fuck) I truly hope you are
'Cause I want you to be happy

But I'm more afraid of the dark than I have ever been
'Cause you'd fight the monsters under our bed

And I guess I just miss you,
I guess I just miss you

(heaviest music ya girl ever did write)
Track Name: The Hitchhiker
A dark deserted road,
A disheveled body save for the hope

A thumb in the air
Stop the car
Is this it?
This is it.

I want that hope,
I want it bad
I want that hope,
I want it bad

And you were the jogger,
This I know,
The hitcher or the driver am I?

I think I was both,
And here I go,
I think I was both,
And here I go.