A Macrocosmic Love Letter

by Postscripting

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This album is about a kid who thinks she's found a home in the stars, but confronts the most earthly parts of human existence there instead

I started this album in summer of 2016, but abandoned it as I began to change my sound and felt like I couldnt finish it. Its only four tracks long and unfinished, but I guess I kind of like it that way.


released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Postscripting Denver, Colorado

Postscripting is a self-produced music project of a lady who wanted to be born a literal flower instead of a human. Inspired by Devendra Banhart, Cocorosie, Mitski,The Microphones, Satanstompingcaterpillars, Animal Collective, Warpaint, Au Revior Simone and Thrice. ... more

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Track Name: A small child once stared at the night sky
I have many early memories
on a blanket that I was born with,
my face turned to the night sky
in awe,
as the grass caressed my toes
because the blanket was too short

I remember my father telling me
how inconceivably big the universe was
I don't think I really cared
about me being so small.
Barely three feet tall,
I already knew that I was

I close my eyes
and I think of these moments
when my problems now
seem also
inconceivably big,
and I feel comfortable
being very
Track Name: I am small!
The planet behind me in time
didn't know that I was there
Do something big enough that'd change,
I wouldn't dare

I am small
I'm so small in the face of the universe
Track Name: The universe is and always will be a recycling plant
Light's pouring out of my hands
and my ears

It's dripping like honey
and it's been going on for quite some time

My throat's sore from singing
but I don't really care

Springtime is calling

...and in the great expanse of space, we will all go and become dust among the stars, and in the fashion of vast, cosmic recycling plants, we will all be stars and planetary bodies again as we shed our human ones. A universal resurrection of nebulaeic proportions. We will become stars.